Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Bag Clean-out" Day

This morning I embarked on a ritual that takes place two times each year.  Once at the beginning of Fall Semester and once at the beginning of Spring Semester.  To what am I referring ... "bag clean-out."  Over the course of the semester I accumulate stuff.  Lots of Stuff!  This collections includes random magazines, books I have grabbed off the shelf from school, pictures that kids have colored for me and miscellaneous cute office supplies that I have picked up at random stores and put in my bag to take to school.  This morning I reduced the items from five bags down to two.  That's pretty good.  I have organized where things go.  Some books go back to school; some books go downstairs to the basement (they're mine).  Pictures from children get filed in my keepsake notebook and the odd office supplies get put in a gallon size baggie to take to school.  I always enjoy doing this because I find really neat stuff that I forgot I had.  It's like opening a gift that you weren't expecting.  Oh, and another benefit,  that corner of our bedroom is less cluttered, for a while anyway.

Happy Spring Semester!