Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Teacher's Write Summer 2016 begins!

Today is the second day of Teacher's Write for Summer 2016.  I really love this group.  This is my third summer.  The first summer I wrote a lot.  Last summer, not so much.  This summer I am ready, committed and excited to participate. Today's prompt led me to thinking about the future.  

The prompt was to think about what you see when you go 100 steps:  

No matter which direction I go 100 steps, I end up in a field.  And sure there are lots of things you can explore and find in a field.  But, that’s not where my brain went.  I’m thinking about the future because I want to do some futuristic writing, so what will 100 steps look like in the future.  The closest town that has quite a bit of industry is about 20 miles away.  Could it expand this far south in the next 25 years, or so?  Will my farmhouse be the old house on the street that everyone wants to demolish for a strip mall?  To try and figure this out I looked up how large is a large city, like New York City.  According to what I found it is 305 square miles.  If that were a perfect square that would be around 17 miles across (which seems small.) I think I’m safe.  I hope if I can still walk 100 steps in 25 years, I end up in a field.