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March 26, 2017

#title talk last Sunday of the month, 8pm eastern, facilitated by Colby Sharp and Donalyn Miller!  Check it out.  You will be glad you did!  


Just finished up a writing exercise from Teachers Write (Teachers Write Monday 7/28/14). This prompt challenged us to write three lead-ins to non-fiction.  After writing, we were to pick the one we liked the most.  I chose the topic of Harriet Tubman.  I am fascinated with the underground railroad and the use of quilts.  So,  here are my lead-ins. I chose number 3.  as my favorite.  

1.  So, I heard about this woman who was able to escape from a horrendous boss who kept her at work against her will.  She not only escaped from this crazy workplace, but she helped several other people get out of there too.  She used things that you might not think of including beautiful quilts and cute log houses as well as mansions.  Sound like something from a national newspaper.  Guess what,  it’s from history, during the 1800’s,  and that woman was Harriet Tubman.

2.  She could feel a presence lurking in the shadows.  She was almost at her destination.  Should she dare go in.  Perhaps she should double back, come around the property a different way.  Because of the quilt hanging in the window, she was sure this was the house. She was not sure her traveling partners could handle an extra trip around the woods.  Harriet sighed.  she took a chance and headed in.

3.   Dedication, courage, bravery are all words to describe this woman with superhero strength.  One can only wonder why she has taken on this battle.  She leads others to the north, freedom and hope.  


Just received Kate Messner's book Real Revision: Author's Strategies to Share with Student Writers.  I can't wait to dive into learning.  Here is the link to her book from Stenhouse publishers.

Real Revision

Update 7/23/14

I'm about 1/4 the way through this book.  My favorite part so far has been "Creating a Revision Friendly Classroom."  I agree with the ideas in this chapter.  I will be teaching a Freshman English class at the end of the day this year.  And, since my classroom is the library, that is where the class will meet.  I think since this is such an open space with lots of tables, editing will be so much easier than when I taught in a traditional classroom.  Students will be able to move around and pick a spot to revise.  I can't wait!

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