Sunday, November 6, 2016

Book Fair Fun!

I'm always amazed at the success of our small school book fair.  Our parents and students are always excited at the prospect of shiny new books and those cool, fun erasers.  I have to admit... I get pulled into the new eraser binge as well.  The most popular non-book item varies from year to year.  The first year I was at the helm, the chocolate calculator was a fast sell out.  The past two years, however, the secret agent pen has been most popular.  I didn't count how many Scholastic sent, but I'm guessing around 40 and all but five are gone.  

The most popular book this year was the 2016 Gamer's Almanac.   The newest Diary of a Wimpy kid was released on Tuesday and Scholastic sent me a huge box of those, as well.  I couldn't sell all 56, but eight flew out the door.  

On Friday, I packed up everything and closed the big metal cases.  They have all been pushed to the side, waiting for pick up on Wednesday.  By the end of the fair, kids were beginning to ask about the Spring fair.  Yes, it is a buy one, get one!  I hope Scholastic continues to offer this.  I think it is a great compliment and respectful gesture to all those parents  who support the full price fair in the Fall.  

Although it was a very hectic week in the library with regular checkouts, tutoring and book fair madness,  I'll miss the smells and sights of the shiny new  books.  One of the best parts is all the scholastic dollars I'll get to spend on several of those Shiny. New. Books. fair, until next Spring!  

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