Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Today's Teacher's Write workshop on Kate Messner's blog focused on writing a poem.  The guest author is Nikki Grimes, award winning author of children's poetry.  The instructions were to pick a subject and write a paragraph.  Then, we were to take the paragraph and turn that into lines of poetry.  I have used this formula in class and it is the easiest way that I know to get my students to write poetry. Once the idea is on paper, the writer can begin to play with the words until they have a version that is somewhat close to what they want.  I really don't think a poem is ever finished.  I revisit mine all the time.  I chose the subject:  leaf.  I'm calling my poem:

Leaf's Journey into Forever

The leaf turns brown  
As it sits through fall.  
Finally, it says,
“I’ve had enough,”
And floats away
For a trip
Across the sky.
As it lands
In a golden field,
Far, far away,
It realizes
Rest is needed.
It slowly falls asleep
In an eternal slumber
And dreams of greener days.

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