Monday, July 14, 2014

Story Ideas

Today's Teacher's Write assignment was to map out ideas for future writing.  list of projects I would like to finish and begin include the following:

a book of poetry

a young adult novel, historical fiction romance, based on grandparents primarily set in the 40’s and 50’s

a novel, historical fiction based on loss and coping using my grandmother as inspiration

a children’s book series featuring girls in agricultural occupations

The assignment also asked for us to write about some of these and the ideas that we have.

I have several works in progress.  I have several poems that I am working on.  The theme that keeps recurring is that of the 30’s and 40’s and my grandparents.  I have a few pages of a book started. The main character in this is also a character based loosely on my maternal grandmother.  I tend to always use one or more of my grandparents as inspiration.  I don’t know a lot about their lives as young adults and I think I just like to try to recreate what I think their life would have been like. When I am picturing characters in my brain, their faces are the ones that pop up. 

It also asked us to comment on what writing challenge we would like to tackle.

I would like to begin work on is a children’s book series featuring things in agriculture as a setting.  

These were my thoughts for today....

Happy Monday!

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