Friday, July 11, 2014


Yesterday and Wednesday, my husband and I attended college orientation for our middle child.  Each meeting we sat through, no matter what the topic of discussion the buzzword was "transition". Our son is getting ready to attend college in the fall and this orientation was part of the process of "transitioning" both ourselves and him to move away from home and make decisions, be independent, etc., etc., etc.

This is not our first child who has moved out into the big wide world.  Our daughter will graduate on August 1st with her Bachelor's degree.  We are so excited for our oldest two children.  One will be "transitioning" into the job work force.  And, the other will be "transitioning" into the college work force.

For our daughter, she will truly be independent, hopefully.  She will get some type of job somewhere and she will contemplate returning to grad school.  She is getting married.  She is at the beginning of the rest of her life.  Maybe she will still need us just a little bit.

Our son will be independent also.  But it is a different kind of independent.  We hope he comes home on the weekend and needs laundry done.  And, we hope he needs a little bit of advice on homework.  But, honestly, he probably won't need us much either.

At least we still have child number three, here in our small town, under our wing.  Oh, who am I kidding, he is more independent than the other two put together!  He is the most self-sufficient 8th grader I have ever known.

Our lives are getting ready to "transition" into a new chapter, again.  Different challenges, different emotions, same book.

Happy Friday!

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